Linear LED inground light G72 asymmectric wash a facade;

In General, Lineart Lighting is a professional manufacturer with experienced R&D teams in the architectural lighting area.

G72  overview

Because G72 Linear led upLights are euipped with high quality PMMA lens and Cree LEDs, it create fantastic symmetrica nd asymmetric light to wash building  facades and illuminate tree clusters.It features include IP67 protection ratio ,chromatic resistant, energy efficient and color uniform.

Meanwhile, Stainless steel 304 and 316,12mm thick temper glass  is the mainly constructual  materials to protect against hitting and driven over by cars  even under the iced earth. All our outdoor inground LED  linear uplight are protected by LINEART SEALING technology against water vapor infiltration and failure due to thermal expansion and contraction.


Linear LED  uplight G72 is ground reccessed models fitted with various kind of optics, which are  wall grazing, wall washing.

In addition Symmetrical, Asymmetrical lens and honey corns are used with different powers per linear metre ,so the flux can be optimized according to the height to be lit. These types of optic enhances surface textures and creates only light but no fixtures visible  effects when installed underground on openings. Along with this linear inground light, the LED linear wall washer light and LED neon flex strips are regularly selected for the arhcitectural lighting projects.

RGBW DMX available

Further more, the Linear inground Light  are available in monochrome and RGBW DMX programmable options – from small decking style lighting to large architectural inground LEDs.


We supply 3-5 years warranty.