LED Neon Strip Light

Lineart Lighting  has developed the top bending and side bending Flexible LED Neon Strip Lights to offer an optimal solution for various applications.

They mainly apply in  landscape lighting, building facade counter lighting, directive view linear lighting and many other applications in all kinds of settings – indoors and outdoors. This product line emulates the effect of a neon light, offering a complementary source of lighting that highlights specific areas in a space, either in white or color-changing RGBW.

LED Neon Strip Light are our innovative products by our extrution process experts .

Lineart Lighting is pioneer manufacturer  high quality LED Neon Strip Light at affordable price.

LED Neon Strip Light is flex LED strip inside a PVC or sillicon jacket – the result being a continuous diffused light. At night it generally looks like conventional fashioned glass neon. Different from the popular LED flexible strips that the individual LEDs are clearly visible. They emits uniform, harmany,soft and even luminous intensity all along its length, the LED Neon Strip Light can be viewed directly without glare.

Product Feateure:

Generally  we have two types of LED Neon Strip Light – top bending and side bending, or top view and side view. Our specially vulcanized phosphor SMD LEDs are mounted onto a thick copper FPCB. That could be straight or “wavy” – when the tape light proceeded through extrusion and laying on the bottom and emits light directly to the light surface.This is called top bending or top view LED Neon Strip Light.

The other one is tape laying on the side and lights will reflect to the light surface, this is the side view. Through our different technology, the light smallest color temperature shifting is guaranteed.And high color rendering index(CRI)>90, and TM-21 50000 hours lifespan are available.

LL-N0709S is the smallest LED Neon Strip Light in the market. Completely made by extrusion encapsulation technology provides excelent functions and non-sustitutable features like IP67. Assembled with injection connector or patented DIY connector.

The small cross-section, the minimum bending radius of only 80 mm and the high robustness allow use in virtually any application,such as coves, contours, furniture, organic forms, counters, stairways and back-lighting. Offering designers and architects the flexibility and opportunity to realize their imagination and creativity,and reduce energy costs whilst still achieving the traditional neon look.

Produced to order:

That explains to a small degree the difference between neon flex and flexible strips. As to which one is more suitable for decoration, I’d suggest a few things for you to consider which is most suitable for your requirement:

  • LED Neon Strip Light is more tricky to install since it generally requires mounting channels , whereas flexible strips can be mounted either with the 3M adhesive tape or mounting clips
  • Do you require a smooth, dot-free look? Something like old glass neon?
  • Are you trying to get a back-lighting effect, better suited to flexible strips?
  • Are you trying to install in a small space, given that neon flex is bulkier than flexible strips?
  • Do you require high lumen output? LED Neon Strip Light will generally have a much lower lumen per meter than flexible strips