Led neon flex strip lights are our innovated products by our extrution expert .We supply bulk quality neon flex strip at affordable price and offer custom design solution for your specified project needs.

LED neon flex strip is linear LED lighting inside a PVC or sillicon jacket – the result being a continuous diffused light. At night it generally looks like conventional fashioned glass neon. Different from the popular LED flexible strips that the individual LEDs are clearly visible, and you see dots, and generally speaking, quite bright individual LED lamps. They emits uniform, harmany,soft and even light, the neon strips can be seen directly without glare

There’s generally two types of LED neo flex strip – top bending and side bending led neon flex strip light, or top view and side view flexible LED strip. SMD LEDs mounted onto a thick copper FPC, which could be straight or “wavy” – when the tape light proceeded by extrusion and laying on the bottom and emits light directly to the light surface, it is called top bending or top view neon strip. The other one is tape laying on the side and lights will reflect to the light surface after emiting directly, this is the side view.

LL-N0709S is the smallest neon flex strip in the market. With smooth and flat light surface lighting options is well archived through this special narrow light surface design.Completely made by extrusion encapsulation technology provides excelent functions and non-sustitutable features like IP67. Assembled with injection connector or patented DIY connector.It creats superior homogenied light distribution all along its complete length. Various monochromatic saves huge cost on installation and mantenance.

The small cross-section, the minimum bending radius of only 80 mm and the high robustness allow use in virtually any application,such as coves, contours, furniture, organic forms, counters, stairways and back-lighting.Offering designers and architects the flexibility and opportunity to realize their imagination and creativity,and reduce energy costs whilst still achieving the traditional neon look.

That explains to a small degree the difference between neon flex and flexible strips. As to which one is more suitable for decoration, I’d suggest a few things for you to consider in order to make up your own mind as to which is most suitable for your requirement:

  • Neon flex is more tricky to install since it generally requires mounting channels to be used, whereas flexible strips can be mounted either with the 3M adhesive tape or mounting clips
  • Do you require a smooth, dot-free look? Something like old glass neon?
  • Are you trying to get a back-lighting effect, better suited to flexible strips?
  • Are you trying to install in a small space, given that neon flex is bulkier than flexible strips?
  • Do you require high lumen output? Neon flex will generally have a much lower lumen per meter than flexible strips