LED LINEAR WALL WASHER LIGHT adopts LINEART SEALING technology which is not a special new technology but an old and traditional process all along the years. That is using the top quality sillicon materials and filling automaticly and also seal it by the construactual ways with 4 levels. For years, we are proud to reach the quality and performance is very high and stable, NPL ratio is lower than 5‰.Our LED Linear Wall Washer fixtures have been working in the super harsh condition like high environment temperature of over 50dgree in Middle East, and even cold as minus 20 degree in north of China and in the outdoor salt spray area. All our outdoor LED linear wall washers are protected by LINEART SEALING technology against water vapor infiltration and failure due to thermal expansion and contraction.We regularly separate the driver  from the light sources, the technology also improves the sustainability of the system, enabling simple component replacement prolonging the life of the luminaire. The dual chamber thermal design are finished in new products developping periods of time, all the LED linear wall washers are tested in humidity chamber,and by automaticly switch on-off aging for a periods of time and waterproof testing according to the procedules.  During these testing we could balance between increasing output and  thermal manfagements and resulting in lifetimes of up to 50,000 hours. We guarrante 3 years and 5 years on the specified products.

LINEART LIGHTING cooperate closely with Cree, Osram and Epistar in our supply chain process. We are dedicated to  ensures colour temperature consistency across all our LED outdoor lighting fixtures. We  guarantees a consistent colour temperature within a 3-step MacAdam ellipse for the specified client or projects. Optics is the soul of the led linear wall washer light. We use the best performance of optics lens for the lighting distribution designing, and all our lighting designers partners gives sufficient suggestions on how to fit different application scenes. You will find the sysmetric, asysmetric light,and bi-sysmetric distribution version in our product family. Some regular optic options like 10*30, 10*50, 30*30,30*60degree,etc are availble for wall washing, wall grazing, flood lighting and so on. LED Linear Wall Wash Accent Beam LL-80169 50-100W is our newly released products that features our innovation result in the optics, and it is also Lineart Lighting prietatry intellectual property.

LINEARTAUTO use a automatically address decoding technology for the DMX controlling system. It is a widly applied method of intelligently addressing fixtures using a serial number that is included on lineart lighting DMX512 led linear wall washers fixtures. Once the first board of each fixture is setted an address, it is able to determine how many slave boards there are to address in each fixture, which  greatly reduces commissioning time and installation cost. Remote Device Management (RDM) is an enhancement of DMX, allowing full bi-directional control and communication for simple, convenient commissioning. With RDM, luminaires can communicate important information, such as their address, status, temperature and predicted lifetime expectancy. They can also be discovered, updated or re-commissioned at any time – with just a simple click.

Lineart Lighting continue our innovation on the led linear wall washer products to match clients various segmentation applications and experience. Linear Wall Wash Mini Groove Recessed LL-2840 18-30W  Indoor or Outdoor, is a consideration to use in the narrow groove;and Linear Wall Wash Wiring Hidden  LL-5550 15-24W / LL–4645  12-15W  hids the wiring, no wires are visible;Linear Wall Wash AC120-240V Input LL-4292 24-36W  Power Supply Integrated in the body of the light fixture that save lots of cost on installation and labors;Linear Wall Wash Static White   LL-60100–48W-60W,  LL-48100–36/24W  are the items UL and cUL Certified led wall washer for US and Canada Market.