Seamless Connect LED Linear inground Light G25

G25 is a ground recessed LED inground light and it is kind of  direct view  linear light for orientation lighting, they are available in single sections or can be linked to form continuous lengths. Opal wide angled lens (25mm width) produces a glow of illumination along its length.

Modules lengths of 300, 600, 900 and 1200 mm. Excellent uniformity.  Easy to position, installation-friendly. Control through DALI, DMX-RDM.

Constructed with aluminium alloy housing, 4mm thick glass lens. IP67.We have  4w (300mm long section), 8w (500mm long section) or 15w (1000mm long section). 4K as standard, 3K on request. Sections can be combined to form continuous lengths. RGB colour changing version available on request.


3-5 years warranty is offered to the seamless connect LED inground lights.