LED Neon Strip Light

Lineart Lighting  supply the  side bending Flexible LED Neon Strip Lights to offer an optimal solution for various applications. We experienced many years in manufacturing the best waterproof ,  uniform light, flexible and durable neon light strips.

Lineart Lighting is pioneer manufacturer of high quality LED Neon Strip Light at affordable price.

Our side view led neon light strip family has the following types in cross section dimmensions width*heigth: 12*20mm, 12*18mm, 12*16mm, 8*15mm and a dome light surface 12*25mm.

Other typical dimmensions are coming in a gradual step. All the color options including monochrome and RGBW programmed through DMX512 or SPI.

Applying in  landscape lighting, building facade contour lighting, directive view linear lighting indoors and outdoors, this product line emulates the effect of a neon light. But they surpass the traditional neon light quality and performance, either in white or color-changing RGBW.

Side Bendable LED Flex Neon LL-C1020S 12*20mm

Flexible led neon strip light the most popular linear lighting source .

Recently, it is commen to find led neon strip bringing the linear lighting design to facades,urban landscapes, residential space, hospitality area with aesthetics concepts and decoraction implements. And actually the led neon strip quality is high, reliable and affordable as well.

Inspite of aesthetic perspective, this neon strip can also work as linear lighting for  space virtual separation, security wayfinding, signs.

To archieve the above purposes by linear lighting, obviously even light intensity and uniform cct along all the light surface long is our core quality criterion, because mostly they are viewed directly, whereas keep it in mind do not require higher luminous flux output.

Let us see what we have and how we make it.

Side Bending LED Neonflex Strip series family.

We carry the following types in cross section dimmensions width*heigth: 12*20mm, 12*18mm, 12*16mm, 8*15mm and a dome light surface 12*25mm.

Basicly, all the mono color from 2200K,2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 5000K, and 6500K, RGBW are ready for order. CRI 90 is our default, and CRI>90 can be made to order. For the RGBW type, PWM dimmable and individual pixel addressable, DMX512 programmable version are also avaiable for your color changing concept project.


Lineart Lighting provides 3-5 years warranty on the flex led neon strip series product

Fast Questions and Answers:

1, What is LED Neonflex Strip Light?

LED Neon Light strip is flex LED strip inside a  sillicon jacket – the result being a continuous diffused light. At night it generally looks like conventional fashioned glass neon. Different from the popular LED flexible strips that the individual LEDs are clearly visible. They emits uniform, harmany,soft and even luminous intensity all along its length, the LED Neon Strip Light can be viewed directly without glare.

2, What Lineart LED Neon Strip Light features?

  • We utilize  top brand food grade silicon materials, anti-UV rates 4.5 grade, fire resistance V0. Waterproof IP67;
  • Super high flexbility, minimum bendable diameters of  strip design (Soft and bendable) ideal for curved cove;
  • High efficay up to 70LM/W for white; CRI: Ra>90;
  • Maximum 5 meters per continuous run length powered from one end;
  • Maximum 10 meters per continuous run length powered from both ends;
  • Optional profile kit, included: Aluminum profile,angle adjustable brackets,and stainless steel track;
  • Specially encapsulated SMD2835 LED with strong base board, mantain the flexibility and durability, TM-21 50000 hours lifespan;
  • 3-4 oz thick cooper FPCB ensure the least voltage drop and brightness aberration;
  • One bin selection of LED chips, is our default process for <3 step macd ellipse color criterion. 

3, Where do neon led strips apply?

They main apply areas is the back lighting, ceiling cove,floor cavity, cabinet. The other way is direct view linear lighting  for decoraction both indoor and outdoor. Typically, yatch lighting adopts such kind neon strips as well. It is very common to see color changing version neon led strip applying in entertainment lighting, and event lighting.

4,Can it be cut and connect in site?

No, reason is that we have to proceed the mold injection making the IP67 waterproof cable feed connector in our facilities. Instead, you may consider this alternative way:making the product with feed cable from both ends and cut in site in the middle position required. Then seal the end with cap and glue.

5, How to choose a suitable flex led neon strip light?

Please read: how to choose suitable led neon light for your lighting project.

6, Still have questions? Reach out to consult our sales team.