Flex Wall Washer Strip Flexarch Mini

The out standing out features that the slender compact design of 12mm width to carry the optic lens and thus wash a 3-4 meter high wall.This presents our continous innovation in the new products developments as a China Flex Wall Washer manufacturer.

Flex Wall Washer features of IP67, bendable, opitcs 30°,45°,10 meters long run at 14W/M and cuttable at minimal length section of 125mm. Washing walls, dome, curtains, sircle ceiling,arch bridge, curved guardrail.

It also performs high resistency of UV ,working stably in harsh invirronmental conditions like high temperature of over -20℃ ——55℃.

Integrated with minimalist design, equipped with  Luminled High CRI90 3 Step LEDs, it realizes uniform Color all along the wall.

In the service to architecture lighting designers, contractors, installers, to provide most harmony,subtle lighting experience meanwhile in the most economic and easiest way.