CCT tunable High CRI LED Flex strip light SMD2835 features of the variable colour temperature controls from warm white to cool white light, The CCT tunalbe LED flex strips  are our professional series. If the right colour temperature and illuminance are achieved, artificial light can promote human well-being in areas such as offices and educational institutions, as well as hospitals and care homes.It combines two CCT of LEDs one is warm white like 2200K,2700K or 3000K and the neutral white 5000K or 6500K, controlled by PWM, Dali  to realize the color mixture, and turn the led strip from 2200K to 6500K.

Dynamic colour temperatures based on nature’s example

Studying nature illustrates how even the slightest changes in light can influence our moods and how we perceive objects. This notion is at the heart of Tunable White Technology, which is based on the natural colour changes in the light over the course of the day. 

As humans, it is not uncommon for us to spend most of our day in enclosed areas. Seamlessly adjustable colour temperatures – from cool white to warm white – bring natural lighting effects, with all of the associated advantages, from outside to inside, and make it possible to properly target individual needs and situations. As a result, Tunable White supports the concept of Human Centric Lighting (HCL), which puts people at the heart of lighting design. As well as perfect conditions for reading and working, HCL is primarily focused on the circadian rhythm, which controls, among other things, our body clocks. As studies have shown, cool white light with a high proportion of blue light has a stimulating effect and promotes concentration, whereas warm white light is calming. Therefore, Tunable White creates an environment that helps us in a natural way – just like daylight.

From various width of PCB from 10 to 12mm, you will select the very types easily to suit your usage. DC 12V and DC24V are the common standard version available, lumens efficacy 100lm per watt is sufficient for the profession application while wattage veries from 9.8W a meter to 24W a meter.

Even we use 2oz and 3oz cooper pcb, we still remind you using the aluminium profiles with high wattage flex strip of obove 14.4W a meter. Better heat dissipation more stable lighting performance and longer life. We guarrante quality 5 years for the CCT tunable LED flex strips.