CCT tunable High CRI LED Flex strip light is the typic artificial dynamic white light source for both human centric lighting and visual lighting needs.

How CCT tunable high CRI LED Strip works?

This CCT tunable led strip integrates with two current circuits on the flex printed circuit board. One circuit is to run a warm white 2700K LEDs, while the other one runs cool white 6500k leds.  Each circuit can be dimmed via a dimmer and then the light output is resulted in perticular hybrid cct, like 4000K or some CCT else from 2700K to 6500K. Associated with the IoT(internet of things) technology, Lineart CCT tunable led strip lights bring the dynamics of natural daylight back into people’s everyday lives. This dynamic mechanism can be setted with natural circadian rhythms synchronously, and thus this artificial lighting technology provides a natural and healthy lighting environment for peoples.

Lineart make the CCT unable LED strip different.

One of the most essential element is the LEDs are specially packaged. The customized leds feature of outstanding color quality of high CRI>95 R9> 90 with fidelity index Rf 92 and gamut index Rg 100, and McAdam is  < 3 steps.  Lineart designs this configuration of strip light  to provides both high quality visual experience and human health care. Obviously, the application are mainly aiming to hospitality lighting, such as residential, hospital, library, hotel, school, exhibition centre and spa.

PCB width  includes 10mm, 8mm and 6mm, you will select the very types easily to suit your usage. Standard input voltage is DC24V, lumens efficacy 100lm per watt is sufficient for the profession application while wattage veries from 9.8W a meter to 24W a meter.

3oz thick cooper PCB  ensure  heat dissipation.

We guarrante quality 5 years for the CCT tunable LED flex strips.