LED Flex Wall Washer

Lineart Lighting developed a patented process to encapsulate lens onto the flex led strip light source. We call it a new product: the LED Flex Wall Washer.

Flexarch Series is our typical stuff performs extremely flexibility. They carry optic options for wall washing lighting, wall grazing and flood lighting as well. Meanwhile it runs up to 10 meters in lengths per single roll  and can be cut in every 62.5mm, allowing powerful composition adaptability.

Further more, this innovative product cost much less than the conventional linear wall washers. And it save like 80%  freight cost comparing to old linear ones.

Thus, Lighting designers, contractors, installers are buying from us LED Flex Wall Washer manufacturers.

Wash the wall evenly and uniformly through this flexible led wall washer.

First of all, the LED Flex Wall washer Strip Lights are excellence wall washing product. It illuminates the entire 3m -4m height wall super evenly and color uniformly from the roof to the floor, from the beginning to the end running up to 10 meters.

Three key elements play the core roles: one is the 3 steps macadam ellipse SMD3030 leds from Lumileds. It guarrantees the most uniform light source. The other one is our unique engineered lens components to match LUXEON 2D 3030 LEDs, and perform no yellow light beam.

Thirdly, our automaticly TPU glue potting process, making the all the lens encapsulation in a neat line. No leds inside the lens is poluted by any glue. We have this advantage as Flex Wall Washer Manufacturer.

Basf TPU endows this flex wall washer apply outdoor lighting stably and reliably.

Esentially, Flexarch LED flex wall washer is 360 degree overall encapsulated . The best quality TPU performances waterproof IP67 and UV-Resistancy. They work stably in harsh envirronmental conditions like high temperature of over 55degree and as low as minus 20 degree. Even more, installers would not get such products scratched by some stuff easily, because TPU is known of much durable.

In addition, flexibility is important for modern buildings, hospitality areas, hotel or residential lighting. It bends to specially fit  the round ceiling cove, curve building facade grooves, or the dome of mosques to wash the ceilings, colums and domes. Evenmore they run up to 1o meters long, bringing significant convinience of transportation, instllation. By this solution, it remendously save labor cost, and other engineering expense comparing to the conventional linear wall washing light fixtures.

Two type of Flexarch Series: Flex Wall Washer and Flex Wall Grazer are available.

Generally,our LED Flex Wall washer Strip Lights come with two types by the forms of structures. Horizontal light emmision alternatively is called top bendable,while Vertical light emmision is called side bendable.

Defined in function perspectives, it can be identified by Flex wall washer and Flex wall grazer. And regularly, optic range with typical symmetric 20*45 degree, 30degree and also wide beam 45degree is grouped to be wall washers.   20*45*10 degree asymmetric and narrow beam like 15degree usually works as wall grazer . Flexarch series have all these angles of lens avaliable.

Just keep it in mind this LED flex wall grazer needs to be installed close to its objects like walls or columns etc.

Flexarch series family

Flexarch series carry Flexarch I 18W and 24W, Flexarch MINI 14W, RGBW Flexarch 24W, CCT Tunable Flexarch I 24W.  Basicly, all the mono color from 2200K,2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 5000K, and 6500K, RGBW are ready for order. CRI 80 is our default, and CRI90 can made to order.

For the RGBW type, PWM dimmable and DMX512 programmable version are also avaiable for your color changing concept project.

By the way,the Side Bended version is coming very soon…


Lineart Lighting provide 3-5 years warranty on the LED Flexarch Series product.

LED Flex Wall Washer in Cove Lighting

LED Flex Wall Washer Strip Lineart Lighting

Back Lighting in Hotel Room

Questions and answers:

1, What is LED Flex Wall Washer Strip Light?

Generally, Washlighting illuminates larger objects or spatial zones using wide beam light distribution. In contrast to accent lighting, it conveys a wide impression. Then because the wall is the most typical and common objects or form spatial zones, the luminaire to do washlighting is called wall washer. And comparing to the traditional linear wall washer light fiture, our wall washer is flexible as it is made from TPU materials, so we call it LED flexible wall washer strip light.

2, What LED Flex Wall Washer Strip Light features?

  • Encapsulated  with top brand BASF material, anti-UV rates 4.5 grade, fire resistance V0. Waterproof IP67;
  • Super high flexbility, minimum bendable diameters of  strip design (Soft and bendable) ideal for curved cove;
  • Symmetrical optical lens including: 15°,30°, 45°,15*60°, 25*45°  and 25*45*10° asymmetrical beam angle;
  • Wash 3-4 meters high wall;
  •  Can be cuttable and re-connected by smart accessories;
    (1)2700-6000K: min cutting length 62.5mm(6LEDs);
    (2)RGB, RGBW, RGB DMX: min cutting length 166.7mm(6LEDs or 7LEDs);
  • CRI: Ra>90, 3 steps SDCM Lumileds;
  • High efficay up to 110LM/W for white;
  • Maximum 5 meters per continous run length powered from one end;
  • Maximum 10 meters per continous run length powered from both ends;
  • Optional aluminum profile kit, included: Aluminum profile,angle adjustable brackets.

3, Where is LED Flex Wall Washer Strip Light apply?

They main apply areas is the straight wall washing, and ceiling cove,floor cavity, and dome of churches or tamples. To light an orizontal line along under the handrail is also frequently to see because of its slim and 10 meters long run.

4, How to choose a suitable LED Flex Wall Washer For Wallwash Lighting?

Because this page is a little bit too long, please read it :How to choose suitable LED Flexible Wall Washer for WallWash Lighting

5, Still have questions? Reach out to consult our sales team.

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