LED Flex Wall Washer Strip Light

This new sery product presents our continuous innovation in the new products developments. It serves to architecture lighting designers, contractors, installers  to provide most harmony,subtle lighting experience meanwhile at an economic and easiest way.

Outstanding features

LED Flex Wall washer Strip Lights is a centre of excellence for the study of light in all its forms. And specially the flexibility and reliability of customized length to order match the modern organic patterns of architecture.

Esentially, Flexarch LED flex wall washer Strip light is 360 degree overall encapsulated . The best quality TPU performances waterproof IP67 and UV-Resistancy. They work stably in harsh invirronmental conditions like high temperature of over 55degree and as low as minus 20 degree .  Endowed by the state of art technology of Phlip(Lumiled) SMD LEDs and specially engineered lens, the LED flex wall washer strip light create excelent wallwashing effect even when bent over to a sircle.  And it features as slender bendable strips, cuttable at minimal length section of 125mm 167mm, so ideally realize many irregular installation in coves, domes and so on.

Two type of LED Flexarch Series Wall Washer and Wall Grazer.

Generally,our LED Flex Wall washer Strip Lights come with two varieties by the forms of structures: Horizontal light emmision also called top bendable while  Vertical light emmision also called side bendable. The Vertical Flexarch is designed and defined as a wall wash light because of its horizontal bendable capbility. Its optic range covers with typical symmetric 20*45 and  defree and 20*45*10 asymmetric for wall washing.  Meanwhile, it covers all monochrone CCT options including RGB,RGBW and RGBW plus. Digital running under the controlling of programmable DMX512 protocol is available .

So we call the horizontal light emmision one as a wall grazer with the name of Flexgrazer. Reason is that the flex wall grazer emmits light at the edge direction. Just keep it in mind this LED flex wall grazer needs to be installed close to its objects like walls or columns etcIn additional. It regularlly figurates with asymmteric optics including 15degree, and 30degree…

Flexarch series carried Flexarch I 18W and 24W, Flexarch MINI 14W, RGBW Flexarch 24W, CCT Tunable Flexarch I 24W, RGB Flearch Mini 14W, The Side Bended is coming very soon…


Lineart Lighting provide 3-5 years warranty on the LED Flexarch Series product.

LED Flex Wall Washer in Cove Lighting

LED Flex Wall Washer Strip Lineart Lighting

Back Lighting in Hotel Room

Questions and answers:

1, What is LED Flex Wall Washer Strip Light?

Generally, Washlighting illuminates larger objects or spatial zones using wide beam light distribution. In contrast to accent lighting, it conveys a wide impression. Then because the wall is the most typical and common objects or form spatial zones, the luminaire to do washlighting is called wall washer. And comparing to the traditional linear wall washer light fiture, our wall washer is flexible as it is made from TPU materials, and meanwhile it has the most parts same functions and performance as the conventional linear ones, so we call it LED flexible wall washer strip light.

2, What LED Flex Wall Washer Strip Light features?

  • Encapsulated  with top brand BASF material, anti-UV rates 4.5 grade, fire resistance V0. Waterproof IP67.
  • Super high flexbility, minimum bendable diameters of  strip design (Soft and bendable) ideal for curved surface mounting.
  • Symmetrical optical lens including: 15°,30°, 45°,15*60°, 25*45°  and 25*45*10° asymmetrical beam angle. 3-4 meters high wall illuminated
  •  Can be cuttable and re-connected by smart accessories:
    (1)2700-6000K: min cutting length 125mm(6LEDs);
    (2)RGB, RGBW, RGB DMX: min cutting length 166.7mm(6LEDs or 7LEDs);
  • CRI: Ra>90, 3 steps SDCM Lumileds, as slight as
  • High efficay up to 110LM/W for white.
  • Maximum 5meters per continous run length powered from one end
  • Optional aluminum profile kit, included: Aluminum profile,angle adjustable brackets.

3, Where is LED Flex Wall Washer Strip Light apply?

For the outstanding features stated above, its mainly apply areas is the linear wall surface washing, and to wash the ceiling and floor cavity, and dome of churches or tample. To light an orizontal line along under the handrail is also frequently to see because of its slim and 5 meters long run.

4, How to choose a suitalbe LED Flex Wall Washer For Wallwash Lighting?

Because this page is arealdy too long, please read it :How to choose LED Flexible Wall Washer for WallWash Lighting