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Why Lineart Lighting?

12 years manufacturing in Linear lighting area since foundation in 2008.

ISO9001:2015 certified factory .

High and New Technology Enterprise with 8 engineers team and 40 Employees.

Continuously improving on products innovation & quality is our mission.

Positioned in providing best light quality and linear lighting experience.

Light distribution photometer,integrated sphere detectors, accelerated aging, life test devices…

Focus on the LED linear and LED flexbile series  lighting area.

Flexible and feasible ODM, OEM services,   one station project engineering solution.

We pursue long-term and win-win corperation model with partners, clients.

Our job is to sustainable developpment and provide our employees better lives.

Linear Lighting Solution 

Our clients are from abroad, and mostly  are lighting brand companies, contractors, whosalers, so we regularly play the main role of products consulting and supplying part. Thus we serve clients with the project solution through the following process:

Initial Review—Site Audit—Proposal —Pricing—Mockups—Production—Installation

For sure the well trained labor force in your team will visit to your clients’ site and audit the site situation after your initial review about the request list, drawings or other design works, then you propose the items from our catalog and also quote to your clients.

During this process, we take the pleasure to assist selecting the proper products, do the light distribution design through Dialux with our IES file. And in cases we have to produce some customized items .

We have the experienced electronic engineer providing the lighting control solution including DMX or Maddrix programming, installation guide, and commission the system in the site.

In words, for the commercial, architectural,landscape or event lighting solution we are capable to offer 3d Visualisation, Rendered Image, Luminaire Images, Oversized Luminaire Symbols, Lighting Levels, Clear and Concise Key.

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Architectural Lighting Solution

OEM Solutions

led linear lighting OEM solution lineart lighting

Your Idea Realizes Here.

To stand out from the homogeneous competition and lunch your unique led lighting product.  Come to Lineart Lighting, we specialize in helping  OEMs tackle from the biggest design challenges to finishing higher quality standard production through our cutting-edge led lighting technology and engineering solution that leads to success.

How We Bring Your Vision to Light

Based in Shenzhen City where the  world supply chain center locates, we source components and materials as fastest as 1 hour. Our wide selection of LED strip lights, led neon strip, flex strip with lens, led linear lights and accessories delivers incredible flexibility, impeccable quality.Experienced expert team offers professional suggestions. We associate with our partners of  hardware, plastic and PCB, IC , controller devices suppliers with whom we corperated for decays to support your project.

Customization Capabilities

No matter you are a brand player, contractor, or wholesaler, we have the capabilities to finish the OEMs service in our LED lighting line.We will work with you one-on-one to translate your vision into an effective, cutting-edge lighting solution that matches your precise needs.  In our lab we are capable to do the testing all along the developping procedules and quality control inspection as well.

Readmore for details of item to be customized.

Lineart Lighting official warranty term

Lineart Lighting Product Warranties

We declare here that we use only the high quality components and materials in our LED strip lights, led neon strip, LED linear wall washer, led linear inground light, LED Linear Pixel Lights, drivers, controllers, and accessories. All the products were 100% inspected under our quality controlling system and 100% QC passed before shipping out. Inspection from third party is welcome.

7 Years Warranty on LED Strip, Neon LED Strip, Flex LED Wall Washer

We recognize that most people do not use their lighting systems 24 hours a day, and would love to match our LED’s longevity data with a warranty that fits the majority of our customers’ use cases. For that reason, we offer an industry topping (7) year warranty on most of our LED strip and linear lighting products.

5 Years Warranty on the LED Linear Wall Washer, LED Linear Pixel Light, LED Linear Inground light         

Considering the application outdoor environment is much harsher than indoor, and also there are huge climate differences among different countries and districts, we are able to declare 5 basic 5 years warranty on the outdoor linear light products for restrict ambient working condition like -20℃ to 50℃, less than 12 hours a day. For specific applicatio project, wanrranty should be discussed before ordering agreement.

Have a warranty claim or question?

If you believe you have an issue that may be a warranty claim, please contact us! We’re here to help. Please message to your sales contact and also to [email protected].

Fast Delivery Time Guarranteed.

Delivery Term

Lead time is central to your inventory management. We have deeply understood this inportancy to your business, and elevated the fast delivery service to the strategic level. Reasons are obvious:

The rise of online retail has totally transformed the face of business; The Covid-19 pandemic proved that unexpected and irresisitable external force could badly disrupt your stable supply chain operation; Shortage of supply of some key conponents like ICs because of the political level factor really delays the production process.Contractors or buyers learned from such experience and raised their expectation of faster delivery or just purchased from the enventory supplier.

Messures Taken to Shorten Lead Time.

Presures or jobs are transmitted to the production or supply side. We would see and take this challenge into chance and have been carrying out several messures: No one is to stock key components like ICs, the PCBs and customized LEDs. No two is to concentrate our focus on the main products, led strip, neon led strip, led flex wall washer, linear inground light, linear wall washer, and LED linear pixel light. A narrower products portfolio cut down our inventory , but at the same time serves target clients better.

Trustable Forwarder Plays Important Roles.

Truely forwarder plays important role in the supply chain business. They are experienced in process custom clearance, ducomentary jobs, and picking up goods in time.Actually they have the qualifications to get lots of discount on freight cost from the world wide Express and Logistic companies. This will help save the freight fees. Meanwhile they can focus on managing the shippment by air or by sea and update the tracking, and handel issues timely.

Finally, comprehensive communications gives us clear directions steps forward. It is You, play the key role.

Privacy Policy

In this www.linearlighting.com our official website which is belong to Lineart Lighting company. We are boliged to briefly  announce our privacy policy and confidential policy here.

confidential-policy lineart lighting

What Information is Collected and How?

Only your email, name is collected through our website inquery forms. Mostly the subject is about your interesting of our product and query for further product detail, pricing and etc. Thus we do not and will not ever collect your private information.

What we do with the info we collect?

As stated above, we will register the information in our CRM system for the future contact. Our sales representitive will be assigned to  serve the potential clients and establish the contacting through email firstly. And update our new products information post and news one by one from the representitives in the future, no SPAM emails. This is our business activities between clients and us. We will not disclose the information to anybody, any third party or to the public socia media. We keep this as one of our top confidential value.

Do you use cookies and what do they do?

Yes, we install the Google Analytics tool to track visistors’s behaviors on our website. This information do not include their individual privacy information, but some open info like nationality, city name and others if they accept such cookies.

Do you sign confidential agreement?

Yes, and neccessary. Beside we keep our client information as confidential, we will sign confidential agreement with client for their purchase, new product development, the collabration documents, and project protection.

Projects & Applications

Architectechural Lighting WaterReflection Desgin Lineart Lighting
LED Fllexible Wall Washer Flexarch I 18W 15degree vs LL-3548 24W 2045 15cm offste to wall
Flexible Wall Washer washing villa facade in Sweden Lighting Lighting side view_

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