CCT tunable high CRI LED Flex strip light

CCT tunable high CRI LED Flex strip light

High CRI 95 R9>90 LED Flex Strip Light SMD2835

CRI>95 R9>85  LED Flexible Strip Light TM30-18 tested

Lineart Lighting LED Flex Strip Light High Efficacy 180lmm SMD2835

High Efficacy  LED Flexible Strip Light 200lm/w

LED Flex Wallwasher light LED Flex Grazer

LED Flex Wall Grazer FlexArch II

LED Neon Flex Strip Light

IP67 Crystal Clear LED Flex Strip Light

CRI>95 R9>90  LED Flexible Strip Light

Ground recessed wall wash light Inground light Ground Burried Lienar light

LED Linear Inground Light Indoor and Outdoor

Lineart Lighting LED linear wall grazer

Linear LED  Wall Washer Light and Wall Grazer

Lineart Lighting LED Linear Media Tube System

Linear LED  Pixel Light Tube

Who we are?

12 years manufacturing in architectural lighting area since foundation in 2008.

High and New Technology Enterprise with 8 engineers team and 40 Employees.

Continuously improving on products innovation & quality is our philosophy.

Strategically positioned in providing best light quality and lighting experience.

ISO9001:2015 certified factory with advanced facilities: light distribution photometer,

integrated sphere detectors, accelerated aging and life test devices, flash test equipment…

Articulated strategical focuse in the LED linear and LED flexbile series architectural lighting area.

Flexible and feasible ODM, OEM services,  and one station project engineering solution.

We pursue long-term and win-win corperation model with partners, clients.

Our mission is to sustainable developpment and provide our employees a better futures.

Technology & Projects & Applications

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