Ground recessed wall wash light Inground light Ground Burried Lienar light

LED Linear In-ground Light

Lineart Lighting LED linear wall grazer

LED Linear Wall Washer

lineart lighting neon flex strip IP67

LED Neon Flex

Lineart Lighting IP67 LED flex strip

LED Flexible Strip

LED Linear Light System

Lineart Lighting High Output LED Anti Corrosive Light

LED Anti Corrosive Light

Why US

11 years manufacturing in architectural lighting area since foundation in 2008.

Continuously improving on products quality, performance and manufacturing process is our philosophy.

We introduced advanced facilities such as light distribution photometer, integrated sphere detectors, accelerated aging

and life test devices, flash test equipment, etc., all products conform to the standards of  ISO9001:2015.

Driven by profession,and passion to create beautiful and comfortable light space and green environment.

Dedicated to assisting designer, engineers and other clients to achieve the desired design and great engineering projects.

Dedicated to the sustainable development of the company and provide a better life and future for all our employees.

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