DMX-ArtNet Controller MR-A28D for LED Linear Addressable Lighting Description:

MR-A28D control system supports signal communication and transmission by ArtNet protocol of Ethernet; The hardware integrated with software sends multi-channel data to our LED Linear pixel lighting with DMX  Interface.

The MR-A28D control system adopts high-performance FPGA processor. It processs data high efficiently and stably. This controller has two RJ45 network interfaces, compatible with conventional network devices in various topological structure.

Compatible Softwares:

MR-A28D provides 8 standard DMX data output ports, which output a total of 8×512  chanenls and support extended protocol. The light control software is compatible with ArtNet protocol such as: Madrx3, Madrx5, Programmer, Pharos, Sunlite, Luminair, Arocos, MA console, and so on;


This DMX ArtNet controller regularly apply in LED pixel lighting like light matrix and stage lighting control systems which require a large amount of DMX channel data. You will use them in TV stations, stage performances, night bars, light shows, immersive performances, 3D mapping shows and other building facades.