RGBWA 5in1 SMD5050 LED LED Flex Strip Light

LED Flex Strip Light R+G+B+W+Amber 5 in 1, benefits of five colors mixtures, it brings amazing imagination to lighting designers and end users. RGBAW are made by a SMD5050 working at DC24V . They are our RGBWA  series, originally design and make in Shenzhen  China factory.

The fantastic color changing models by DMX controller through decoder and other smart control gears, and a 12mm width linear  light distribution, unlimited grays and color changing, widly used in pub bars, entertainment lighting, private party, and decoration lighting …

There are two types of such color conbination LED strip series , one is R+G+B+W+WW and other is R+G+B+W+Amber LEDs on 12mm width PCB   You will select the very types easily to fit your usage. DC 12V and DC24V are the common standard version available.

Even we use 3oz  cooper pcb, we still remind you using the aluminium profiles with high wattage flex strip of obove 14.4W a meter. Better heat dissipation more stable lighting performance and longer life. We guarrante quality 5 years.