High CRI>95  R9>90 LED Flex Strip Light available at 24V DC,  which is our True Color series for the high light quality specification.

This true color sery features of creating super faithfully,true color and uniform lighting effect by customized SMD 2835 LED. They are originally designed to target at high-end architectural, residential and commercial lighting, where the applications require high color rendering, high fidelity quality and humen-centric concerns a lot.

Beside the outstanding color quality of high CRI>95 R9> 90 with fidelity index Rf 92 and gamut index Rg 100, the color consitency is also the essential key point. We guarrantee McADAM  < 3 steps, and specially Color Bin can be recorded and continued the same for clients all along their orders.

Flex PCB contains 5mm,8mm,10mm width types. You will select the very types easily to suit your usage. Lumens efficacy 100lm per watt is sufficient for the profession application. Power consumption veries from 4.8W a meter to 14.4W a meter.

Even we use 3oz cooper pcb, we still remind you using the aluminium profiles with high wattage flex strip of obove 14.4W a meter. Better heat dissipation more stable lighting performance and longer life. We guarrante quality 5 years for High CRI 95 LED Flex Strip Light.