Ultra Long Constant Current CRI>90 LED Strip Light runs to 25 meters continuously with one end power supplying.

Lineart constant current CRI>90 LED strip light is FPCB with SMD LED lighting module operates in stable current using constant current IC. The IC are regularly packaged into 30ma, 60ma and 120ma, 150ma, which can be adopt to control the power consumption in each segment of the flexible PCB. By contrast to constant voltage CRI>90 LED strip lights, the constant current strip lights will work as long as to 1o meters without color difference from the beginning to the end,while there will be voltage drop along the current conducts through the PCB, and it leading the brightness decrease progressively.

Consider the heat dissipation capacity of the FPCB, 10 meters is the regular standard length for our constant current CRI>90 LED strip light with 2-3 oz thick FPCB. And if the current is lower like 4.8W a meter, that will continue to 25 meters. And the aluminum profiles will be recommended when you want altra longer length like 20 meters or else.

Please download the altra long series constant current CRI>90 led strip light range catalogue by click the following botton.