DC12V RGBW DMX512 addressable Digital LED Strip IC TM512_20 Pixel 14.4W a meter LL-20pix-TM512 product overview:

The LL-20pix-TM512 is  DC12V input individual pixel DMX512 addressable and programmed digital LED Strip Light. It is 20 pixels a meter which means minimum 50mm cut section length. Each segment is assembled with 3 pcs SMD5050 RGBW LED chip and IC TM512.

Then the microchips  provide segmented control with constant current. This extends the LEDs life span and colour consistency while allows dramatic colour changes, chasing or casade patterns all along its length like 100 meters .

In addition, this strip lights regularly needs to work with DMX controlling device, which can be ordered separately from our controllers range.

RGBW DMX512 addressable Digital LED Strip IC TM512 Features:

The strip uses a top-of-the-line TM512 IC. Typically TM512 provides parallel transmission of signals as redundant control, which ensures the transmission of the signal if any-single chip damages, the other pixels or leds works well without any affect. Flexible and 3 oz cooper pcb ensures best heat dissipations and current donduction.

Features in short:

  • Compatible and extended DMX512(1990) signal protocol
  • Control mode: differential parallel connection, maximum support for 4096 channel addressing
  • High-speed DMX512 supplements the patent of algorithm, which can completely adaptively decode DMX512 signals with transmission rate of 200 kbps ~ 1000 kbps
  • The inbuilt 485 module has the advantages of high differential signal resolution and large differential input impedance, which can greatly enhance the load-carrying capacity
  •  AB line writes code online, which can write code automatically at one time, and supports the mode of writing code after installation first
  • E2 address code double backup mode, partial E2 damage does not affect address code reading
  • The PWM selector can select the reverse polarity frequency reduction function, and the port refresh rate after frequency reduction is 250Hz
  • The output port has 16-bit gray scale control and adopts gamma correction 2.2 enhancement, which is more suitable for human visual perception
  • Screen refresh up to 2KHz


The ability to control those 20 pixels a meter individually creates fatastic, dynamic, breathtaking effects, which are perfect for entertainment, commercial environments and event lighting. Further more, to assemble in the aluminum or silicon channels you can realize a linear casade lighting patterns at different speed. You can also program to archieve your own concept of design in the Bar, Stage, or the building facade.


7 years  for indoor application.