LED Flexible Wall Washer Apply in Villa Facade Lighting Sweden

Firstly,concept of using LED flexible wall washer apply in Villa facade lighting:

The lighting concept for the Villa building facade: To Wall Washing three floor building facade  bright evenly but in an energy efficient and sustainable way.

Secondly, a breif introduction of the Villa in Sweden

This villa is a morden style newly built architecture. It covers land area 12*15 square meters, and it is two floors high with a third fake floor on roof.  To perceive from outside, two symmetical windows locate the sides of a big gate on each floor. The facades are painted with earth grey putty powder. At the waistline layers, slot for linear light fixtures was prepared.

Flexarch I Linear Flexible Wall Washer works perfectly:

From our product pages you can read about LED Linear Flex wall washer fixture series. Flexarch I 20*45 symmetrical lens fit perfectly for this installation. It is well known symmetrical widly used for wall washing, and its high efficiency up to 110lm/m illuminates sufficient lux at the 5 meters high wall. The daylight white 4000K could render the earth grey facades perfectly.

This compact and slime design fits a waistline where the light fixture mounted and washs the wall in an upward direction.

Virtually, this LED wall washer runs in 10 meters long without nearly no voltage drop by supplying power from one end. This way, our flexible wall washers are the ideal option and work perfectly. They not only archived excelent facade lighting, but also save a huge moeny on the envergy consuption, labor and freight cost.

1:LED Flexible Wall Washer Light Installation Finished:

Flexible Wall Washer washing villa facade in Sweden Lighting Lighting side view_

Side Perception

Flexible Wall Washer washing villa facade in Sweden Lighting Lighting

Job is done

2: Led Flexible Wall Washer Commissioning:

Flexible Wall Washer washing villa facade in Sweden conmissioning Lighting Lighting

10 Meters Long Run

Flexible Wall Washer washing villa facade in Sweden Installation Lighting Lighting_

Light fixture Instllation on the Roof Floor

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