Led Linear Wall Washer -Facade Lighting

  • LED Linear Wall Wash lighting-Lineart Lighting

Linear LED Wall Washer Light for Facade Lighting Example:

To extend one’s perception and defines spatial limits at night wall or building facades lighting are significant important and widely applicated .

Narrow beamed LED linear wall washer light mounting onto the floor or recessed on the groove and illuminating vertically  is the most general approaches in the visual surroundings for identifying areas in terms of their form, regardless of whether they are facades or walls covered with climbing plants. The objective may be to obtain a uniform wallwashing comparable to that in the indoor area, or to gently illuminate a building against the nocturnal environment.

The arrangement of the linear LED wall wash light is dependent on the desired uniformity and illuminance. In the outdoor area at night, a low brightness is often sufficient for making the wall or facades visible and for making contrasts.

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