LED Neon Flex Strip for Facade Contour Linear Lighting

LED Neon Flex Strip for Facade Contour Linear Lighting is an ideal options. The following story tells from concept initialization to installation completion. Also the lighting products selected are stated accordingly.

Linear Wall Washer lighting transparent facade-Front Side by Lineart Lighting

Project brief introduction.

The marketing centre is part of the Sunac Yangtze River Reflection real estate project in Wuxi city. To construct an open, confort space for the marketing workstation and create a mordern minimalism landmark is the initial design concept. It realizes an illusion that an independent two-floor building is floating up from the artificial lake infront during the day time, yet an entire landscape with surroundings through the building reflection on the lake presents. Lighting designer and architect call  it “light and reflection” in the night when the lights on. This is to cater for the Yangtze River Reflection concept as well.

Simple glass curtain wall on the second floor is constructed with silver aluminum alloy slad, which stands for pure straight lines complemental with modern architectural style.

Products Selected.

480 meters 4000K CCT LED  Flex  wall washer recessed into the ceiling at the back  of offset glass curtain, illuminats the transparent wall and connect with the outside space. When closing up the fabric curtain, the building is still visible. Thus the glass curtain wall with the linear wall washer lighting functions a transition boundary from outside to inside. Along the contour a shallow grooves were prefigured, where the 4000K CCT  led neon flex strip lights are installed. The 10 meters long-run neon flex strip emites harmony dot-free and soft linear lighting, perfectly fit that narrow and shallow groove. Whilst the linear contour lighting enhances layering.

The new glass facade provides the building with an unmistakable, elegant and representative character. During nocturnal hours the contours of the building gain a blurred appearance behind the discreetly illuminated, transparent shell.

At the entrance gate area, an top bending LED neon flex strips were installed in a progressively way. The type of neon flex strip light is figured 16mm width top bending which is suitable for a wider direct viewing and bending at the right angle.  It illuminates 3000K CCT creating a warm welcome atomosphere, and also separates a different function area from the second floor.

Writting at the End.

Improvements on the quality of the workplaces was the central factor for the newly-built project of Real Estate Marketing Centre in 2019. Lineart Lighting, as a dependable partner in the area of LED lighting tools for sophisticated architecture, collaborated with the project team during its early design phase. The lighting engineers from Lineart Lighting developed innovative LED neon flex strip light and LED Linear Wall Washer  for the new glass facade  We insist on  “The luminaires should not be visible for observers but only their light effect.”