Lineart Lighting Limited Introduction

  • Lineart Lighting Company
  • Lineart Lighting Limited is a professional manufacturer in the architectural lighting, commercial lighting, and residential lighting lines located in Shenzhen China.
  • Founded in 2008, focused on designing,developing and manufacturing the LED linear lights, LED Flex Strip Light,neon led flexible strip lights, linear led wall washer,linear led in-ground light for 12 years. This makes us a professional products and lighting solution supplier in the decoration lighting, architecture lighting, residential lighting, commercial lighting and landscape lighting area.
  • Markets are mainly from Europe and North America,Middle East and Asia, while the products are CE ,ETL and UL standard and certified.With the experts team with over 15 years experience of cutting edge led technology, lighting fixtures, and scare manufacturing capability, Lineart Lighting have enabled our lighting designers, specifiers, engineering project and lighting brand client to transfer the original concept to final products,  mass finished products and great lighting project.
  • Higher Quality is our position, and a commitment to the clients  . Equippedwith advanced detection facilities, including light distribution photometer, integrated sphere, accelerated aging and life test devices, flush test equipment, we are following the IEC60598 standards and rigorous testing process. Certified by ISO9001:2015, experienced production management and strict quality detection system were also established and improved for years, they ensure us to offer reliable 3-5 years quality warranty, and enable us to build the long run relationship with clients, thus finally build a good reputation through market and users.
  • ODM and OEM services are fully offered.Design, testing, fabrication, layout, prototyping, private labeling, powder coating, fixture assembly and more; we have you covered.
  • Consulting and Design Service provided from our engineering team to help you make an informed decision in the lighting projects like bridges, monuments and building facades. Begin by assessing your lighting needs, we will co-create the most effective long-term lighting plan including the use of detailed user-experience design, visualizations of the final installation and mock-ups.

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