LED linear inground light  brings architectural details to life, which apply in ground and walls, in wet or dry areas .

Outstanding features include chromatic resistant quality and robust construction even driven over, energy efficiency and superior visual comfort. The linear inground light produce a wide range of light distributions and best wall washing, wall grazing and direct viewing lanes.

For the fact LED linear inground light is a kind of reccessed models equipped with various kind of optics, including narrow 15degree, and other Symmetrical, Asymmetrical lesn, that they are working as wall grazing, and wall washing or direct viewing for the horizontal lanes.

These optic enhances surface textures and creates only safistying lighting but no fixtures visible when buried underground on openings.

Thanks to years of our production proceedule experience and improvement, we are proud to archive NPL ratio lower than 3‰. Working in  super harsh condition like high environment temperature of over 50 dgree in Middle East, also even cold as minus 25 degree in north of China approves our LED Linear inground light quality and reliability.

All our outdoor LED linear inground light are guarranteed by LINEART SEALING technology against water vapor infiltration and failure due to thermal expansion and contraction.

Further, Top brand Chip Cree endows our LED Linear inground Light the best color consistency.Light color quality plays key elements in architectural lighting project.

In addition, Stainless steel 304 and 316, thick temper glass  protect against hitting and driven over by cars.

Finally,along with this Direct View Linear LED Inground Light G72M,Seamless Connect LED Linear inground Light G19 ,Linear LED Inground Light G72 Asymmetric Wall Wash,the LED linear wall washer light and LED neon flex strips are availble for the arhcitectural lighting projects.We supply 3-5 years warranty for the LED linear inground light.

LED Linear Inground Light Lineart Lighting