White Addressable LED Strip Light SPI IC:WS2811 8 Pixels a Meter product overview:

The LL-8pix-WS2811 is  DC24V input 120 leds a meter individual pixel addressable LED Strip Light. It is 8 pixels a meter which means minimum 125mm cut section length. Each segment is assembled with one 15 pcs SMD2835 monochrome LED chip and IC WS2811.  PCB width is only 5mm, whereas it creates slim monochrome linear chaing lighting effect.

Features in short:

  • Output port compression 12V.
  • Built-in voltage-regulator tube, only a resistanceneeded to add to IC VDD feet when under 24V power supply.
  •  256 Gray-scale adjustable and scan frequency is more than 2KHz.
  • Built in signal reshaping circuit, to ensure waveform distortion do not accumulate after wave reshaping to the next driver
  • Built-in electrify reset circuit and power-down reset circuit.
  • Cascading port transmission signal by single line.
  • Any two point the distance less than 5 Meters transmission signal without any increase circuit.
  •  When the refresh rate is 30fps, the cascade number is at least 1024 pixels.
  • Send data at speed of 800Kbps.


The ability to control those 8 pixels a meter individually gives way to pure, monochrome , breathtaking and chasing effects, which are perfect for entertainment, commercial environments and event lighting.


7 years  for indoor application.