Top Bending Dome LED Neon Light Dome1517 LL-C1517T 15*17mm

creates dome linear lighting when mounting onto or recessed into the wall. Viewing from side, no dark age or gap is visible, looks like the light is coming out from the wall or object themselves.

RGB and RGBW . PWM dimming, individual pixel adressable and DMX512 programmable are available.

We use food grade silicon extrution that the body feel textured,IP66 waterproof,  not sticky to dust. It is resistant to UV , anti-yellowing in 5+ years . They  also perform excellent Saltwater Resistant, can be work in  -20℃ to 55℃ ambient environment.

LL-C1517T is . We assemble it with mold injection connector  making it much more reliable against pulling and waterproof.

They mainly apply in wall lighting, facade border lighting, stairways, and other linear decoration lighting application.


We guarrantee 3 years for the top bending dome led neon LL-c1517T for outdoor usage, and 5 years for indoor application.