Individual Pixel Addressable LED Strip Light SPI IC:GS8208 LL-60pix-GS8208 product overview:

The LL-60pix-GS8208 is  DC12V input individual pixel addressable LED Strip Light. It is 60 pixels a meter which means minimum 16.7mm cut section length. Each segment is assembled with one SMD5050 RGB LED chip and IC GS8208.

Further more, black printed circuit board prevent the external light reflection. Thus the shortest segment of  pixel strip brings great possibilities to fit the site space. This is the design of not only individual pixel addressable but also individual LED addressable.

Individual Pixel Addressable LED Strip Light SPI IC:GS8208 Features:

The strip uses a top-of-the-line GS8208 IC. Typically GS8208 provides two-signal data input as redundant control, which ensures the transmission of the signal if any-single chip damages, the other pixels or leds works well without any affect.

Beside, built-in display pattern or program can be prefabricated for the applications without a controller.

Features in short:

  • 12v operating supply voltage with 7805 module inside
  • Default 17.5mA constant current output,the minimum is 11mA
  • Use e-RZcode, serial data frequency 800kHz
  • 8bits data transfer, 12bits build-in GAMMA correction of PWM display
  • Built-in PWM technology, supports 8kHz PWM refresh rate
  • With resummable data transfer function, single chip damage does not affect data transmission
  • Built-in display pattern for the applications without a controller
  • Built-in automatic testmode, power-on and power-off protection
  • ESD:2kV
  • working environment is from -40 ° C to + 85 ° C


The ability to control those 60 pixels a meter individually gives way to vivid, dynamic, breathtaking effects, which are perfect for entertainment, commercial environments and event lighting.


7 years  for indoor application.