DMX512 Programmable Linear RGBW LED Wall Washer LL-5680 48-72W DC24V deliver high-performance white light and fully saturated RGBW colors.

This series contains a wattage range from 48W to 72W maximum. And those regular optic options like 10*30, 10*50, 30*30,30*60degree,etc are availble to  for wall washing, wall grazing,  to highlight architectural features ranging from surface textures and molding details to archways and windows. and so on. Can be surface mounting and recessed installed.

RGBW 4 in 1 chip used to create better quality white compare to RGB, controlled by DMX512 controller with the address coding integrated into the circuit boards, enable to set the fixtures into different group and even lighting system freely and automaticly. Then insert an SD card stored with DIY DMX512 program, you can realize all your designed color changing media building facade.

One more feature that is seamless connection and all the LEDS stay an equal distance among the linear fixtures even when they are connected. Finally all the light delivers smooth and uniform and consistent lighting effects.

We provide the complete solution including all the DMX512 programmable Linear LED wall washer light, and Slave, master DMX512 controller, DIY IP68 waterproof connectors, calbes, and Meanwell Power Supply unite…

If needed, we can arrange our technician team to assist install and commissioning insite.