Dali Dimmable Linear LED Wall Washer LL-4058-24W/36W AC220V

LL-4058 is an Driver Integrated AC220V LED Linear Wall Washer range 24W to 36W.This slim and compact desgin gives aesthetic appearance and deliver the best light distributions. The most outstanding feature is that power supply is integrated into the lamp housing and unvisible. Therefore, it is an high voltage AC100-265V input LED wall washer, plug and play, that brings tremendous saving on labor cost for installation. But this led linear wall washer is an economic version that can be affortable for the normal architectural lighting projects.

But there are various  optics of 10*30 10*60  30*10 for wall grazing options, and 15*15  30*30 for accent/spot options, and  60*30 60*60 60*90 90*90 for flood lighting options, and asymmetric wallwash options are available for options.

Also 5 years warranty on products quality for Driver Integrated LED Linear Wall Washer LL-4058 24-36W.