DMX Programable RGBW LED Pixel Strip Light SMD5050 enables each segment of the LED strip to be controlled individually by DMX512 protocol and Artnet controllers. This strip uses a top-of-the-line TM512A IC LED chip so you will be able to control every 6 LEDs as a Pixel. The ability to control those 50 pixels individually gives way to beautiful, dynamic, breathtaking effects, which are perfect for architectural ,event,commercial and entertainment environments.

Each of our RGBW Digital Pixel LED Strip Lights comes with a special power and data connector at the beginning of the strip, specially designed to work with this strip and to properly connect it to its controller.

This strip enables you to create chasing effects while adjusting the brightness, speed, and direction of the lights, and you will also have the possibility to choose from countless solid colors. This LED strip light is made out of pixels, exactly 50 pixels per reel @DC24V while 100pixels @DC12V, all of which have a microchip that allows you to control each pixel individually. You will be able to create different effects on different parts of the LED strip, all at once or in intervals.

This strip has a 3 oz PCB thickness for better heat dissipation, custom connectors, and a 10-meter maximum power run length.