Top Bending Neon Flex LED rope light  Top1616 LL-N1616T 16*16mm
Lineart Lighting manufactures Not sticky to dust, with texture feeling, IP67 waterproof noen felx strip for indoor and outdoor lighting.   Dot-free Illumination,excellent lighting effect , top view or top bending ,  UV resistance , Anti-yellowing in 3 years. Saltwater Resistant,  -20 to 45 working environment, Anti-shock (against external mechanical impacts)

LL-N1616T is the wide flat light surface. Completely made by extrusion encapsulation technology , features like IP67. Assembled with injection connector,much more reliable against to pulling.It creats superior homogenied light distribution all along its complete length for direct viewing.

As a wide 16mm flact light surface, the minimum bending radius needs to be 200 mm .Top bending neon rope light apply in such as in grooves, contours, organic forms, counters, stairways and back-lighting.Lighting designers and architects favors to use the flexibility and uniform light effect to  realize their various and artistic sense design and works. Top Bending Neon Flex LED rope light  Top1616 LL-C1616T 16*16mm is guarranteed 3-5 years warranty.