LED Linear Wall Grazing Light 50Meters High LL-80169 50-100W

LL-80169 is a LED linear Wall Grazing light to emphasises the material and surface texture of walls and façades up to 50 meters high.  The luminaire is positioned close to the wall produces a graduation of brightness on the vertical axis. The LED linear wall grazing light impressively brings out the texture of natural stone or wood specially to illuminate the higher building facades as over 40 meters, like 40 meters, 50 meters.

Generally if given the same lighting, as the wall height increases the brightness of the wall decreases. This LL-80169 will solve this defect thanks to the innovation on optics. We have designed and arranged double rows LEDs and lens on the light fixtures. One line is displayed with narrow beam 3 degree, while the other line is 12 degree, and both of them are asymmetric light distribution. Consequently, along with the lights deliver from the button to the top, wide light beam will spread on the lower level of the objects, and narrow beam spread to the higher level, and all the wall or the objects will be of equivalent brightness.

Made with integrated power supply, it is supplied by AC110-277V, that brings much convinience, save maximum labor cost and quite sufficient engery.

Our LED Linear Wall Washer fixtures have been working in the super harsh condition like high environment temperature of over 55 cecilse dgree in Middle East, and even cold as minus 20 degree in north of China and in the outdoor salt spray area. All our outdoor LED linear wall grazing light are protected by LINEART SEALING technology against water vapor infiltration and failure due to thermal expansion and contraction.We regularly separate the driver  from the light sources, the technology also improves the sustainability of the system, enabling simple component replacement prolonging the life of the luminaire. The dual chamber thermal design are finished in new products developping periods of time, all the LED linear wall grazing light are tested in humidity chamber,and by automaticly switch on-off aging for a periods of time and waterproof testing according to the procedules.  During these testing we could balance between increasing output and  thermal manfagements and resulting in lifetimes of up to 50,000 hours. We guarrante 3 years and 5 years on the specified LED linear wall grazing light products.