LED Flex Strip Light IP67 Encapsulation SMD2835.

Lineart IP67 encapsulation series are made by extrusion process. Extrusion and waterproof encapsulation is our experty for over 10 years.These outdoor IP67 flexible light strips are designed for professional  lighting applications,curved applications, edge lighting  and perfectly suit for decorative lighting, cove lighting. The projects that require high stability,long term run, and minimus maintenance favor these high quality IP67 LED flex strip lights.

The highest quality materials, epistar LEDs and 3oz plus cooper thick pcb are used. And silicon materials super high stable property to chemical corrosion, and also high stable property in harsh enrironment like high temperature 100℃ and as cold as minus 25℃, and  fully UV resistant. Pure transparent gives brightness and sense of crystal permeability bright LEDs inside.

White colored LEDs covers 1800K-10100Kcolor range and have a high color rendering index (CRI) rate which is Ra80+ or Ra90+. It guarantees high lighting quality level. DC12V or DC24V constant voltage or constant current are available.

We will record your color bin used in the LED strips ordered.