IP20& IP65 LED Flex Strip Connectors

Is our Original design and unique innovation wins lots of reputation to this new Easy Accessories Connectors to our  LED strips family. There are two types one is made with cable connecting to power supply unit the other one is to connect strip with strip.

The Easy Accessories Connectors really bring convinience for installers, anybody can make it by manually and fastly on site. And waterproof performance is very good. It solved headache problems  of complicated process by soldering and potting glues with tools. Finally you can it fits very well and looks very nice.

It fits 5mm,8mm,10mm,12mm width PCB  IP20 flex strip,IP64 and IP65 LED strip. And there are items will work for many types of led flexible strip lights, monochrome, white plus warm white CCT turnable led strips, and RGB, RGBW, and RGBW+W five phases FPCBs led strip lights.