cut & connect in site Silicon Tube is a Silicon Chanel to make neon flex strip light with the LED strip lights inside.

The sillicon tube or chanel is made from top quality transparent sillicon materials.It features super high stable property to chemical corrosion, and also high stable property in harsh enrironment like high temperature 100℃ and as cold as minus 25℃. And the key element it is flexible after vulcanization. For all these advantages, they are widely favored by chemical industry, food packaging industry, and now becomes very popular materials for the lighitng industry. Specially to make the neon flex strip light with LED tapes. This new generation innovation, now used to replace the conventional neon fluorescent lights, and creating more options for lighting designers, and end users to make the DIY lighting kits freely.

As expert in the silicon extrusion process and led packaging, and LEDs SMD technology, we adpot this silicon tube to coating the IP20 LED strips, including monochrome tape, RGB, RGBW, DC12V or DC24V, CV or CC led tape light. To fit various sizes of the FPCBs, we make a complete family, which classified into two types, one is side bending, the other is top bending.

Clients or even end users who can buy and cut it into any length required, and solder cable, seal the end caps with silison glue to make the waterproof neon led flex strips. And reshpe the strip light to macth their application, as linear lighting, signs, letters and decoration lighting…