AC110-277V input RGBW DMX512 Linear LED Wall Wash LL-6584 36-72W

The high voltage input RGBW DMX512 programmable LED  Linear Wall Washer is made from (4 chips in 1 LED) with High Power LEDs and  built-in decoder integrated. The high-powered 4 in 1 LED (Red, Green, Blue and white) use a single LED Lens to produce even and consistence color effects with an add a white LED to create accurate white hues.Mainly used for  architectural lighting, outside building perimeters, casinos, feature walls, bridges, shopping centers , theme parks, entertainment plazas and more! And the outstanding feature is that it is made with power supply and plug and play, saving the most labor cost.

LL-6584  36-72W  AC110-277V input is a high voltage input RGBW DMX512 LED  Wall Washer come with LINEARTAUTO technology. LINEARTAUTO use a automatically address decoding technology for the DMX controlling system. It is a widly applied method of intelligently addressing fixtures using a serial number that is included on lineart lighting DMX512 led linear wall washers fixtures. Once the first board of each fixture is setted an address, it is able to determine how many slave boards there are to address in each fixture, which  greatly reduces commissioning time and installation cost. Remote Device Management (RDM) is an enhancement of DMX, allowing full bi-directional control and communication for simple, convenient commissioning. With RDM, luminaires can communicate important information, such as their address, status, temperature and predicted lifetime expectancy. They can also be discovered, updated or re-commissioned at any time – with just a simple click. The RGBW Wall washer will be compatible with any DMX512 console to meet requirements from lighting designers. Master/Slave mode allows auto online and synchronization working.

Beam angles of narrow verions for spot, and middle for wall washing, large for flood lighting available. Aysmetric light distribution are widly used for the grazing and decoration. 3 years warranty is provided for this AC110-277V input RGBW DMX512 Linear LED Wall Washer LL-6584 36-72W