150lm/w super high lumen output LED Anti Corrosive Light

Lineart Llighting’s LED anti-corrosive light also called LED vapor light or LED tri-proof light  are designed in an altra innovative way. This super high lumen output tri-proof light is the highest energy saving and efficient one in the market you can find.

The LED tray is integrated into the  diffuser part making it no need to remove diffuser and separate the LED tray during wiring. This idea provide quick wiring solution  and it saves 50% time at least. Moreover the outstanding quality materials used are all aiming to increase light output, provide the best anti-corrosive,  performance, impact resistance ,resist rust warping and fading and ensure safety.

The stainless steel latch clips used to fix their impact resistant lenses in place. LED vapor tight fixtures use the most efficacy LED array that reaches over 130lm/w for exceptional energy savings. With modular light source, these long lasting fixtures help replace light source and power supply unit easily and reduce lots maintenance costs. Some fixtures can be assembled  with additional built-in features such as motions sensors or emergency backups. Motion sensors automatically turn on the fixture for a set amount of time when motion is detected. Emergency backups provide light for up to 200 minutes during a power outage. Our LED tri-proof tight fixtures can be paired with 0-10V , Triac and Dali dimmers for better control over the light output.

The high light output series of LED anti-corrosive light carries 2ft,  4 ft and 5 ft lengths. LED vapor tight fixtures apply in a wide range of areas including parking garages, loading dockets, warehouses,car washes, , and cold storage facilities. These hardwire fixtures can be suspended or surface mounted. Warranty 5 years.