LED linear inground light

Lineart Lighting is experienced in manufacturing outdoor waterproof luminaires. This IP67 linear light is our other representative one.

As the name suggests, installers embeds this linear light into the ground or floor, light up the architectural walls, trees or sculptueres standing by. In this way they are designed to do wall washing or wall grazing. In an other way, lighting designers plan and install the frosted or matt tempered glass linear light in a straight line in public open area.

Particular charateristic of ground recessed up light.

One one hand we adopt stainless steel 304 or 316, 10mm thick temper glass as protect against hitting and driven over by cars  loading less than 1000kg. On the other hand, main housing is treated with a chemical chromatized protection before powder coating, ensuring high corrosion resistance.

Further more, top brand Chip Cree endows our this linear Light fiture the best color consistency. And clients from Middle east used our linear inground light for several projects for years, where extreemly high temperature like >55℃ condition approved the quality. Meanwhile clients from north China installed our ground linear light as well, where the climatd is super cold <-40℃ in winter.

Thus they play decoration and horizontal lighting roles in the surrounding envirronment of the very building ,theme park or public green way.

Linear Ground Up light family

1, G72 is the ground buried linear wall wash light or linear wall graze light because the glass is transparent.

2, G72M differentiate with G72 as its glass is matt version for direct view linear lighting. By the way, they are not seamless connection for the fact of stainless stell frame.

3,G25 is a slender and compact design, for seamless connection in straight line. Notely, this one is small and just able to load walk over. Ideally we recommend you use it indoor.

In addition, the different length options allow the luminaire installation to be tailored exactly to the architectural structure. The luminaire is available in three lengths 300mm, 500mm, 1000mm with a standard stainless steel grade 316 frame .The recessing box is an accessory but you do not need to purchase it separately.

By the way,all these light fixtures work at DC24V. You will need purchase remote drivers  separately. This way is much safe.

Finally,along with this Direct View Linear LED Inground Light G72M,Linear LED up Light G72 Asymmetric Wall Wash,the LED linear wall washer light and LED neon flex strips are availble for the arhcitectural lighting projects.


We supply 3 years warranty for the ground LED linear light outdoor application, and 5 years for indoor installation.

LED Linear Inground Light Lineart Lighting