This Flexarch LED Flexible Wall washer Lights present our continous innovation in the new products developments, and in the service to architecture lighting designers, contractors, installers,and human-being to provide most harmony,subtle lighting experience meanwhile at an economic and easiest way. It is a centre of excellence for the study of light in all its forms,specially the flexibility and reliability of customized products in matching the modern organic patterns of architecture.

Transparent, with 360 degree overall  Polyurethane encapsulated the Flexarch LED flexible wall washer light performances of waterproof IP67 and high resistency of UV  , harsh invirronmental conditions like high temperature of over 55degree and as low as minus 20 degree .  Integrated with minimalist design, equipped with the state of art technology of Cree or Osram SMD LEDs and specially engineered lens, the LED flex wall washer create excelent wallwashing effect even when bent over to a sircle. And it features as slender bendable strips, and cuttable at minimal length section of 167mm, then realize many irregular installation in coves, domes and so on.

Our LED Flexible Wall washer Lights come with two varieties by the forms of structures: Horizontal light emmision and  Vertical light emmision. The Vertical Flexarch is designed and defined as a wall wash light because of its horizontal bendable capbility. Its optic range covers with typical symmetric 10*22 and 10*60 defree or asymmetric for wall washing and it also covers all CCT options including RGB,RGBW and RGBW plus, and digital running in the controlling of programmable DMX512.

And the horizontal light emmision one is designed and defined as a wall grazer with the name of Flexgrazer, reason is that the flex wall grazer emmits light at the edge direction, thus this LED flex wall grazer needs to be installed close to its objects like walls or columns etc, and play the wall grazing roles. In additional, it regularlly figurates with asymmteric optics including 15degree, and 30degree… The Flexgrazer is coming very soon….

Both vertical and horizontal lights emmision version carry the same CCT range.