How to create a good mood and layers for the guest room?

How to create a good mood and layers for the guest room?

The Forbes travel guides list 2019 world best guest Rooms, and These 41 rooms in 17 countries earn these wards for luxury and comfort and convenience. 5 stars hotel is luxury, but these hotels are elegantly appointed and thoughtfully designed down to the last details.

following is pictures from Forbes web:

 The Alpina Gstaad Contemporary alpine high style, GSTAAD, SWITZERLAND

Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou, China
Encore Macau, China

The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore

From the picture, you will find the lighting is an important element in a hotel room, it is bright enough to work in and comfortable enough for guests to relax in and create comfort mood, mainly because the ambient lighting is perfectly designed and installed.

Hotel operations vary in size, function, and cost
International luxury hotels offer high-quality amenities, full-service accommodations, on-site full-service restaurants, and the highest level of personalized and professional service in major or capital cities. it caters especially to salesmen and focuses on work, sleep and  (as by providing rooms for the display of samples)。the lighting for the international luxury hotel have high requirement on high CRI and control function. Theme hotel is a type of hotel created, designed and styled to fit a specific theme which people love to view and experience. the CCT of lighting for theme hotel would be different from 2700-6000k.

How to create a good mood for the guest room in a hotel?

The right light gives a hotel room with a bright and friendly atmosphere.  Luxurious rooms with thick duvet covers and fine furniture can be presented in the best way possible. following is some tips:

  1. combination application of a functional lamp and decor lamp to meet different lighting requirements.
  2. using different beam angle lamp. create task lighting with varies beam angle
  3. using tunable lighting systems.

How to create layers of lighting the guest room in a hotel?

Bedroom lighting should be layered so guests can transform their space into a comfortable, relaxed and even romantic environment.

In a hotel room, the led strip light, as a form of indirect lighting, is commonly built into recesses of ceiling or cove of the upper wall. Light is directed up towards the ceiling and can be used as primary or ambient light, yet it creates a certain mood for guests or highlights particularly style of hotel

Led flexible strip light is built under cabinet, closet or wine cabinet as primary lighting, highlight the clothes and wine or quality.

The sensor motion led strip is installed under bed. It is convenient for an individual to get up at night in a hotel.

How to select proper lighting for a guest room?
The luxury hotel has a higher quality requirement for Led strip
1. low- voltage LED strip(12v or 24V) is a good option
2. dimmable LED strip, no Color change
3. high CRI, Cir>80m or even higher to R9
4.correct CCT, and SCDM<3Steps
5. easily installation

The correlated color temperature (CCT) of The LED strip for hotel guest room
following table is general requirement of led strip for guest room

2400-3000 Ra>80 >6 3-5 step


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